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i have a chilli plant which I bought in summer, it is on the windowsill and was coming along nicely after I cut it back but to my horror today I saw these little white dots on some of the leaves that look snow like. The leaves look fine at present but whatever it is they’ve got little legs! Is there anything I can do and will they go to my other houseplants?


  • Sounds like whitefly ... what I do is I put a squirt of washing up liquid in a bowl or bucket full of tepid water.

    Pick up the plant in its pot and spread the fingers of one hand wide so that you can put you fingers either side of the plant stem and cover the top of the pot with the rest of your hand, then turn the plant upside down and swish it around gently in the water, keeping the pot and compost dry.  

    You can do this every few weeks if the whitefly reappear, and you can treat other houseplants the same way as long as they're not so big they're unmanageable. 

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  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,602

    Or it could be mealybug. Are there any white fluffy deposits? Is there stickiness on the leaves, honeydew? Young mealybugs walk about, older one tend to sit there sucking sap. Dip a cottonbud in methylated spirits and wipe them off.

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  • MJ56MJ56 Posts: 30

    Hi Busy-Lizzie there’s no fluffy deposits just white dots like nits, and something like dew but not really sticky

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