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Dahlia tubers


I grew some Sarah Raven Bishops children Dahlias from seed this year. They were amazing plants and I have just emptied the pots  and am left with the above tubers. However I have no idea what to do next .. I know I need to let them dry but will they grow next year as they were from seeds originally not tubers and do I leave them whole or split them or what. 

Thanks Sandra 


  • Hi there sandra,

    All you do is make sure you dry them out, experts sometimes say hang them upside down. Then put them in trays of dry loose compost in a frost free place. Check over winter to make sure theyre not showing signs of mould and are firm. Then pot them up properly in spring when the weather is warming up. 

    Ive been lazy this year and left them in the garden under a generous mulch to keep warm. Even though im in county durham ive found quite a few over winter due to the milder weather and sheltered borders.ive found bishops children are quite tough and a few pop up bigger and better the next year (mostly the red coloured ones).

    Hope this has helped a bit 

  • That's great thank you do I leave them intact or separate the small bulb like parts ? As you can probably tell I'm a novice gardener ?

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Just leave them in their clumps and plant the whole clump next year (which will give you one plant per clump). 

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  • As hogweed says,

    Leave the clumps intact. I forgot to say that x

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