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Raspberries (Autumn Varieties)

I have always cut the canes of my autumn raspberries down in February, but I see that advise is to cut them down now (Nov).  Is there a reason for the change of advice as I would like to consider both options.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,019

    In a hard winter, leaving the canes till Feb means they protect the crown form a degree or two of frost.  In milder, wetter winters, the new canes may start to grow before Feb so it makes sense to cut the old ones down earlier so the new don't get cut or trampled by mistake.

    I think you can happily follow whichever system suits your timetable and local weather conditions best.

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  • Why not cut them down now and apply a layer of well rotted horse much at the same time

  • Thanks for the advice,  I will cut them down now as it can be really cold in February.  It will make the garden tidier and hopefully they will get of to a better start with a good mulch now rather than in Feb.

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