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  • That is interesting to know...thanks for letting us know. Sorry you had the same thing happen.

  • BLTBLT Posts: 525

    Its a disappointment but I did not realise the haulm was leaning against the panes and they conducted the cold, whereas the other plants were away from the greenhouse side walls.. I will try the Bubbkewrap trick next time as fleece didn't protect the plants.

    Interestingly my experimental Peruvian Red potatoes are still fine... They look strange similar to a ginger root tuber. But I am told they taste good.  Maybe I will try a few this weekend..

    In the end it is a learning curve image

  • image Yes we learn from our mistakes.image

  • Went through the soil and found lots of mini new potatoes! All was not least we have micro dot potatoes!

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    Enjoy image

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  • We will.?

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