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Overwintering cuttings


I have taken lots of cuttings of my herbaceous perennials this year, 200 in fact! and they have all rooted and are now in 1 litre pots outside.  I have a small greenhouse so i can put the really tender ones inside for the winter, ie salvias but can i leave the rest outside or will they get too waterlogged. I live in  the Midlands and we get fairly mild winters.  

Thank you.


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    For your hardier perennials, if you have a warm wall, tuck them all together there. By doing that, you limit pots freezing. With the rain shadow, they will not get much rain compared with plants in the ground. If there is harsh frost, throw two layers of fleece loosely over the top. Don't expect to stay indoors all winter if you do this, you will need to regularly check.

    If you have a big enough coldframe, it's a versatile place to keep them. Keep the lid slightly opened most days and when it's extra cold, close the top over. 

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  • Thank you.

    Sorry to sound dim but what would i be regularly checking??  To see if they are too dry???


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    Hi Diane, I was mainly referring to lifting off the fleece and covering the pots again. Even though plants will not be growing much at that time, having fleece over plants over a long period may increase chances of rotting due to trapped air. So you may have to pop in and out to check on them.

  • Oh ok.  Thank you Borderline.  That's very helpful. 

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