Help. New ""emerald gaiety" of leaf drop.

Help. New ""emerald gaiety" have A LOT of leaf drop. In addition, theres some white mold/mildew stuff under the bark, silver queens( maybe kings I dunno) have weird mushrooms like honey mushrooms around them and some soil limageimageooks like imageBrown rotten globs of yuck. Just had landscape put in for a lot of money about 6 months ago...landscaper seems to know


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    Bit confused image, but I'll give it a go image

    We're talking about Euonymus fortunei....yes?

    Leaf drop issue:  Were the plants well watered after planting? Newly planted shrubs need extra watering until they establish a good spread of roots into the soil.  Could be a reaction to drying out.

    Mushrooms:  Can't see any in the pics, but probably just normal fungal growth, breaking down the bark mulch.

    Stem problem:  Could be mildew or Euonymus scale insect. Can't see clearly in the pics. Here's a link to the rhs page with more info....

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    Kitty 2

    Well done ! I hadn't the faintest idea of what 'stinkykopf' was talking about !!!image

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    Thanks Paul.  Fortunately I am fluent in gobbledygook ?.  It's my first language, English is my second ???.

    (no offence intended stinky, just having a laugh) image

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    Kitty 2


  • Wow.  Guess this wasn't the right choice.

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