Can I take cuttings from Laurel. Suddenly have one sprouting from between large rockery stones about 3 feet high now


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 10,993

    You can, but the best tile to do it is late summer to early autumn - assuming it's the hedging laurel and not the culinary version.    The RHS offers this advice and info on such cuttings -

    Do you want more plants for a purpose or just some insurance for when you take this one out because it's in the wrong place?

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  • It is definitely in the wrong place and I would like to make a laurel hedge round part of our field. Not sure how to cut it, is it the same method as say gooseberries etc.

  • Our field is next to a field with horses.  Is it poisonous for them?  Think it is the hedging Laurel and that is where I'd like to put it on the border of the two fields.

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