Sedum plants from cuttings

Hello all.

A while ago I picked about 30 leaves from a huge load of Sedums by my house. I got home and stuck them all in a tray of soil/compost mix. I've just checked them and most of the leaves just went rotten at the bottom but I've ended up with four leaves, a bunch of roots attached to each of them. I'm over the moon especially as I didn't really give them much attention.

Can anyone tell me what I should do with these babies? I was thinking of putting them in a pot together and keep them inside where it's warm. I want to be able to plant them in my garden eventually :)

Thank you

New Dad (Cedum)


  • I find them easy to do from stem cuttings - not so much danger of rotting off.

    Congratulations anyway however you did them !  If you can keep them frost free over the winter and don't overwater, they should be fine.  Depending on the size and the amount of roots, individually in small pots with nice gritty soil would be ideal I think.  They are hardy plants so best kept out of a warm house if you can avoid it.  If not, a cool spot in light and keep an eye on them.

  • Hi Philippa,

    That's great, thank you! Sounds like they'll be okay to stay outside on my shelves then? I was really surprised they grew roots being outdoors, tough little things!!  image I'm quite new to gardening so love finding these things out.

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    They're very tough. It's wet conditions they don't like, so keep them against a house wall or similar while they're small. That way, they won't get too wet when it rains - even during winter. image

    They're easiest as stem cuttings, as philippa says.You can pull bits off at almost any time and stick them in a bit of gritty compost and they'll root quite readily.

  • MyGarden25 - I'd think so - just remember that at this titchy stage, even hardy plants can suffer from cold and wet particularly sedums and other succulents.

    You are quite right - most of them are tough little things and flowering late in the summer they are ideal for topping up the bees, butterflies and other insects.  Mine are just going over now but I leave the flowering stems on until Spring for 2 reasons - they help protect the new growth at the centre ( already showing here) and they sometimes provide a home for hibernating insects too.

    You'll be surprised at how quickly you figure stuff out.  Hope you enjoy itimage

  • Fairy - yes - I was thinking "shelves" = undercover somewhere but not always the caseimage  The wet is nearly always the killer isn't it ?

    Well, that and Glan/Niv whatsitimage

  • It is a bit too cold now to take sedum cuttings but you can usually increase your stock by sticking stems  into a jam jar with water in.  Try it in summer. 

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    Oh the Glan/Niv is a real stinker philippa! image

    Yes - wet,cold soil is what they hate, but it's surprising how well they cope once they're big established plants. 

    Somewhere that the worst of the winter weather doesn't affect them is ideal Mygarden. If you're struggling for a spot that would suit, you can always put them somewhere that you can rig up a bit of shelter over the top  of them instead  image

  • Please Miss!    What is Glan/Niv besides being a stinker?

  • Tsk - you need to keep up Iamweedyimage

    Glan and Niv ( abbreviations) are apparently a couple of things which help you lose weight.  Still unclear whether you have them on a lead and take them for a brisk walk ( exercise), swallow them ( vomit up excess fat ? ) or rub them over your fattiest parts ( defoliation or WHY ).

    Has this helped at all ? image  

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    Has that thread disappeared philippa? 

    It was a 'chancer' Iamweedy - plugging their wares. Gave us a laugh adding our comments when we were bored   image

  • I think it must have done Fairy........what a blow........just as I was thinking of buying some tooimage

    I expect he/she will be back soon enough tho.  Actually, I'm thinking it's not so much excess fat which troubles GlanNiv - just excess thick skinimage

    Still, what would we do without them, eh ?  

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    Philippa image

    I looked - it's still there - 'Did the gardening help you to lose weight' 

    I love that - ' the gardening '....image

  • Fairyimage

    Just "gardening" obviously doesn't help on the weight loss thingie - has to be "the gardening".  I suspect the OP ( and her sister - god forbid we forget her ) must have lost so much weight since she first posted that she has faded away to nothing.

    We should be so luckyimage


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