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clearing weeds from allotment

hello, ive taken on an allotment and trying to clear the weeds, was advised by a fellow on next plot to just single dig it over and let the frost kill the weeds. is it worth filling each trench with cows manure at this stage as ive read that while single digging use the manure to enrich the soil. i ask because i had a load delivered and dont want it wasting. will add im a complete novice. thanks in advance


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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,233

    Frost will kill annual weeds but not perennials such as docks. Fork out any roots as you go, then any cleared area, pile on the manure. The worms will take it down over the winter. You will then be able to give a quick fork over in Spring , incorporating any left, and then plant. Do not manure anywhere you want to plant carrots next year, or they will fang.

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