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Compacted lawn

I have been suffering from bad drainage mainly clay soil but also my soil is compact from having scaffolding on it for a few weeks , I was thinking of digging the lawn over but after 3 inches its clay do I just leave clay on top as i turn over and leave it to the frost to break it down and then level it of in the spring .


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,638

    I think the weather now will not be on your side. Trying to dig in damp, cold and sometimes frozen clay soil will be time consuming and in my opinion counter-productive. Best to leave till spring when the weather warms up. You can then try to peel back the top layer and re-condition the soil underneath.

    Small uneven bumps can be remedied through top-dressing twice a year and rolling of the lawn, whilst also light raking and regular mowing at correct height. I would only recommend what you have decided to do if the uneven parts are quite severe. 

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