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What's digging up my bulbs?

The only animals I've seen out there in recent years are foxes and cats. Squirrels I would have thought would take the bulb.

Anything I can do to protect the others?



  • JoeXJoeX Posts: 1,783

    It's happened again a few days ago.  I've replanted the bulb.

    What to do?  Put a plank over them? Bricks?

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    If you have the time and energy, you could push quite deeply a cloche type chicken wire contraption. Can be held up by canes. 

  • JoeXJoeX Posts: 1,783

    I do have some chicken wire. Doesn't look great though.

    I could plant over the top until spring too.

  • SlumSlum Posts: 382

    It's badgers that are the chief culprit in my garden. Planting deep seems to help a bit and discovering which bulbs they go for more than others and avoiding them in the future. 

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    Sometimes it can look unsightly if done as a DIY thing. The other option is to get hold of sharp grit or chipped style small gravel and lay it at the base and over the top of the bulb when you re-plant. This may discourage some from digging up your bulbs. Your soil looks very soft and loose, so after that, you could lay a thick layer of bark mulch.

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