I bought a Agapanthus Navy Blue from blooms in July but most of their plants where in flower however I found one with NO flower spikes at all, thinking I would be in flower soon I bought it and potted it up as soon as I got it home. This flower was in really good condition with no signs of it flowered already. I've cared lovingly and feed it twice now But no flowers or any signs of a flower spike so I've ordered two more that says "they will flower this season" am I jumping the gun again will it flower sill this year.


The label on my says " flowers in summer " but I’ve read they flower any were from August to November, is this correct

Also I would like to propagate this plant. Am i right is a rhizome/bulb  and it’s just the case of dividing if this is the case when do you divide ??




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    Hi James,

    I don't think you are jumping the gun as such, Agapanthus can be a little fickle ( in my experience). Have you planted it in the ground or in a pot ? and somewhere nice and sunny ?

    Agapanthus are renowned for liking to be quite restricted in growth and were grown in terracotta pots for several years before needing to be repotted ( often needing the pot to be smashed to get the plant out)

    I would hold off trying to propagate / divide the plants as you will delay flowering for even longer.

    If i were you when you receive your new plants pot all three of them into quite a large pot if possible ( depends on the size of the plants i guess) really cram them in and use quite a free draining compost mix ie quite gritty.

    After a few weeks give them a few feeds of over the course of a few weeks of high potash food like tomato food to encourage strong roots and flowers next year

    You should get a few years of really good flowering and when the plants are basically trying to escape from the pot then it is time to divide them.

    Hope this is helpful

  • my current plant is in a pot i even but blood, fish, bonemeal in the compost 



  • My midnight blue agapanthus was in a large pot for 3 years before it flowered but its stunning this year!! I'm not sure if its true but I have been told they like to be pot bound before they flower

  • Thank you Stacey Just been and watered the pots and boarder plants.

    I found a greenly/blue slug thing on my Agapanthus about the size of a maggot anyone know what it is ??


    The plant is really healthy


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