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Replanting miniature cherry tree

I have a miniature cherry tree planted in a container made of a copper type material.  My tree was planted 10 years ago when I lost my Nan. 

Having spent the last couple of days by her bedside looking out onto a gorgeous cherry tree and bench, but never actually leaving her side to sit on the bench, when she passed away I returned to the ward to find out the type of cherry tree so I could buy one to plant with her ashes in.  The nurse told me an amazing story that the nurse who had trained him passed away in the same room as my Nan and his wife wanted to plant something for future relatives to look at and place a bench for them to sit on.  Hence my dilemma having searched the local garden centers for the perfect "mini prunus avium" tree we planted the tree on her birthday the following year.  My children and I have loving looked after the tree taking pictures throughout the seasons to document the beautiful blossom and cherries is produces every year.  Unfortunately the pot I planted it in has started to perish and I need to re-pot it,  As you can appreciate I really really don't want to kill the tree by re-potting at the wrong time and any help you can give me would be hugely appreciated.

A very anxious novice garden - in love with a very special tree.


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,121

    Hello Karen

    Your thread brings back memories of my parents who died within 24-hours of each other , but that's another story image .

    Your tree is pot-grown , so anytime is OK to transplant ; just wait until all leaves have dropped , and if a bit 'pot-bound' , loosen the outside of the rootball with a fork and re-pot into larger container and fresh soil . ***

    Keep moist until new growth appears in Spring , then water very regularly and feed with a low nitrogen plant food ; I would use Miracle-Gro as this contains all the trace elements needed for good growth .

    *** (stimulates new root growth) image

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