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Hi, I bought these about 6 weeks ago.  All but 1 plantlet has grown and flowered.  They were labelled bedding plant........will they grow a corm or should they be discarded later in the year?  I don't think they are the florist cyclamen as they are quite small and neat.




  • They are often sold at this time of year. They are selected forms of C. persicum and will already have a small corm, but they are not frost hardy. You can keep them from year to year if you have a cool greenhouse or somewhere similar,  just to give them some winter protection.image

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    They should be hardy in the UK  Don't throw them out. They don't like being too damp  I have just bought some more from the Homebase reduced table .

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    not  hardy, you never see them established in gardens, just as bedding usually in containers

  • I don't think it's very easy at all to tell the difference between tender and hardy cyclamen, I wouldn't know how particularly not from 'perfect' specimens bought in a shop. 

    There's one easy way to find out of course- and if you're expecting to lose them anyway- see what happens when you leave them over winter!

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    Oh dear!  I have just been browsing and I am just begining to realise that.

    How do you tell which is which?

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    Please remind me I cant be the only one to make mistakes like that.image

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  • Mary370Mary370 Limerick, Ireland Posts: 1,443 does one tell the difference between the hardy and non hardy plants?  As I don't have a garden nursery near to where I live, I have to buy my plants from the large supermarkets/B&Q etc.

  • The ones on sale now from the 'sheds' in bright shades are usually the non-hardy ones - they don't tell you so then you think it's your fault when they die and buy more next year!

    The hardy ones are Cyclamen hederifoliun and C. coum. Both are pale pink and the first flowers in autumn and coum in the spring, though my hederifolium often does both. You usually find them at 'proper' garden centres where they should be correctly labelled, but they may just say 'hardy cyclamen' and those are probably most likely to be hederifolium as it is the most common.

    You can buy corms from reputable bulb suppliers and they will grow if you treat them right and they aren't that hard from seed, but you do have to wait a couple of years for them to get to flowering size! They will naturalise if happy - a friend's garden was a picture earlier in the autumn with hundreds of self seeded cyclamen making a carpet under the treesimage

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    It's easy to tell the difference, anything with lots of bright coloured, large flowers isn't hardy.

    The two Buttercup mentions are the easily obtainable hardy ones and will come labelled Cyclamen hederifolium or Cyclamen coum. Cyclamen coum flowers in winter but is a small flower compared to the ones on sale in packs of 4/6 at the GCs

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    Thanks for the info.....when are the corms for hardy cyclamen for sale/planted?  

    I do have 1 hardy cyclamen. has been growing at the base of a clematis for the last 3 or 4 years but it has never self-seeded or spread......don't know why. 

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