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Young Passiflora wilting


Hi everyone

I’m having some problems with what up until two weeks ago has been a healthy small passiflora. It started as a cutting this time last year and from March has grown considerably which I’ve been really pleased about. However in the last two weeks the younger growth (now to half way back towards the stem) has begun to shrivel and wilt with the leaves beginning to curl up and feel like dying lettuce! Help please have I overwatered it??? The souls is damp all the way through but not sludgy. It’s in good soil so I’m scratching my head as to why it’s just started doing it as nothing I’ve been doing over the last year has changed!!!

Should I have cut the plant back at this point ahead of next year?  I can’t think that’s what’s caused the wilt.also it’s position has never moved and it hasn’t been exposed to any extremes of cold or hot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated because I’d be gutted to  lose it.

Thank you everyone!


  • what species is it?

    if its an 'outdoors' variety then it needs to be outdoors really so it can shut down for winter, if its an indoor one it may have had the humidity drop too low. But just check the soil for little white grubs as vine weevils might be the cause of the wilting too.

  • I’ve checked the soil and where it is damp it hasn’t little tiny white multi legged bugs crawling over it. 

    The bugs are no more than a mm long very thin and have a number of legs, move quickly and stay to the damp soil.

    It must be a pest so I’m gutted. How do I treat it has it got to the roots?

    thank you 

  • they're not vine weevils, sound like mites, maybe? they won't be causing the plant that size to wilt, so no need to treat them.

    which passiflora is it? as that will give us an idea of what may be wrong with it.

  • Hello

    It's the passiflora caerulea. Not ideal to show you but I’ve found a small picture on google of what I’m seeing because the ones around the plant are so small it’s impossible to get a picture for you. 

    It seems to be only the very recent new growth of the plant that’s being affected and the early growth from the stem is still looking healthy and not shrivelled.

    thank you for your help!!


  • That’s great thanks for your advice. 

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