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Planting up a hillock



I need to plant up the hillock in the picture- for screening and a green barrier from the road? It has a flat top so could plant shrubs on the top to give height and to separate the view of the road from the house. Thinking of ground cover on the road slope- vinca minor- or juniper horizontalis- any ideas greatly received. South facing across the drive. North against the road. Thank you in anticipation. 



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    On the north facing side, provided the soil is not excessively wet, you could try Danae Racemosa, sometimes called Alexandrian Laurel. Has a very grafeful lax habit, and covers ground areas quite naturally. Small late spring creamy yellow flowers followed by glossy bright red berries. Can reach up to a meter in favourable conditions, but quite easy to manage and has lovely year-round foliage that is great for flower arrangements. Would accompany Vinca Minor or even Major very well. 

    To help, let us know the kind of soil you have. In the photos, it looks quite dry, but could be totally wrong. Would help to narrow down recommendations, especially on the south facing side.

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  • Yes thank you for taking the time. We r on the downs in Kent so this pile was created from the soil shifted from other parts of the garden- chalk marl but actually retains the moisture quite well. Our diggerman gave it a bed of chalk the put the fairly virgin topsoil over the top so quite fertile and slightly alkaline. 


  • Oh yes- the Road side face is more west than north almost NW. Making the other FACE more SE  

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    Thanks for the information. For the top area where it is flat, there are a number of shrubs that will all do well and all give you fragrance and also evergreen, creating a dense barrier.

    Osmanthus Burkwoodii is a slow grower but once establish, a very neat and dense shrub with white flowers in late spring. Sarcococca Confusa, another deep green evergreen shrub that also forms a dense barrier with scented white winter flowers and dark berries in autumn onwards. Very reliable tough shrub with a slightly informal look. Finally, Choisya Ternata, Mexican Orange Blossom, another reliable and fast growing shrub that flowers twice a year. Fragrant white flowers in clusters over mid green leaves. 

    There are many more, but I think the three are ideal for what you want. Easily pruned and usually fuss free once established.

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