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Help identify lovely flowers

Hello all,

I'm brand new to gardening in Scotland - and to make it even more difficult, I can only have containers and raised beds, in a windy, east faced, chipped garden.

I grew up with a huge garden, and 9 different walnut trees, but that was in a complete different climate zone, so I learn everything anew here.

I saw some flowers thriving at castle gardens here and would like to know, what they are so I can plant them :-) Anything I saw growing here in Scotland should grow in my wee garden as well? ;-)

Is the cream-pink one a japanese anemone?

The red one looks like an echinacea, but I never ever saw them having a second flower growing out of the bigger one underneath.

Help anyone? :-)

Thanks a lot and have a great Halloween!!!

Cheers, Heike



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