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Jasmine roots-can't get all out

WateryWatery Posts: 388

I stupidly planted jasmine oficinale in front of my house in a small bed by a trellis (even though I had read "it quickly overwhelms a small trellis.")  It did, and always looked untidy and I discovered I wasn't even that crazy about the smell--I prefer star jasmine.

I dug it out  but some of the roots went under the brickwork and into the sides of the bed and into the hardcore of the paving next to the bed so I couldn't get them all the way out.  I dug out the entire bed but had to cut the roots where it was in the brickwork/sides as I couldn't dig into that without destabilising our front drive.

I've since planted a small climbing rose (warm welcome) in the bed--which is small but plenty of room for the rose and its roots assuming the jasmine doesn't come back. The bed is about 3 feet by 2 feet.

I'm hoping for reassurance but if not, what can I do if the jasmine keeps growing from the roots?   It only took 3 years to completely overwhelm the bed and grow into the sides of it. Would glyphosate kill the jasmine and not the rose if I get to it before the roots have time to spread? (I know I need green growth to use the gylphosate--this is if I notice jasmine growing next spring/summer. 

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