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Blight free tomatoes

I wanted to recommend this variety as it has been an outstanding success for me  I grew Crimson Crush tomatoes on my allotment for the first time and today I harvested the last of them. Green of course but still good to have! There was no sign of blight and the flavour was superb. The only problem I had was keeping them supported sufficiently as they are extremely heavy. Has anyone else had success with them?


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,298

    Yes, this was the second year I've grown them.  The first year all my other tomatoes succumbed to blight but the Crimson Crush remained clear and produced well.

    This year I grew Crimson Crush again and again I'm very pleased with them ... no blight and a good crop.  I find the tomatoes are particularly tasty roasted image

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  • SkandiSkandi Northern DenmarkPosts: 1,579

    I will look for the seeds when I order next years! I have no blight resistant tomato recomendations (well Sungold does fairly well) but Carolus Potatos do really well in my wet climate, outlasting anything else and giving big baking potatos where it's not normaly possible to grow maincrops

  • You can get them online from Suttons and Dobies. Not sure exactly where you're located but hopefu they post abroad

  • Another good one for blight resistance is Losetto, a bush- type cherry tomato, heavy cropper with good flavour. But I may try a few Crimson Crush next year.

  • I grew some crimson crush this year, had a large yield and no sign of blight except for when it came to picking some green ones, they looked fine at the time and then i let them ripe indoors and they went brownish which did seem resemble blight so who knows.

  • Definately reliable option if blight is or has ever been a problem. Strong recommendation for crimson crush from me too. Outstanding delicious crop in unheated polytunnel here in central Scotland

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