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Autumn sown Salvia seedlings

I’m growing some salvia viridis blue seeds in my unheated greenhouse. They are doing really well and about 2 ins tall. They’re in a seed tray.

Should I pot them on and leave in the greenhouse over winter? if I leave them in the tray I think they will get leggy.The advice on the packet says  cover seedlings if planted out or keep in a cold greenhouse, but nothing about putting on.


  • Bright starBright star Wrea GreenPosts: 1,007

    I’ve pricked my salvia seedlings into individual 3 inch pots and they are in my cold frame where they will stay till spring time. I’ll cover with some fleece if the temp drops too low.

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  • That’s just what I wanted to know Bright star, thank you. I will do the same ?

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