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Sutherlandii bulbills

Looking for help to grow begonia Sutherlandii to do it and at what time of year is best. Been unsuccessful so far thanks.


  • pbffpbff Posts: 433
    Hi @Linda1953
    I'm sorry that your question went unanswered for so long; I found it quite by chance when searching for an old post of mine.
    Begonia sutherlandii bulbils are best planted in spring.
    They should be sown in pots of moist, well-drained compost and placed in a cool, frost-free place, such as a conservatory or greenhouse.
    They need light, but not direct sunlight.
    You have to be very patient as they can take 12 weeks or more to start growing.
    Make sure that the compost remains moist but well-drained during this time.
    Remember that they will not tolerate any amount of frost!
    I hope that this may be of some help.
    All the best

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