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Bamboo control / removal HELP

Hi all

I am in a new property which has an aggressive bamboo planted in it which appears to have spread throughout the garden.

I have cut off all of the top growth and what remains are stumps and the root system. 

if I remove the stumps by digging, and cut away as many roots as I can reach , will this stop it from spreading or will it just regrow from leftover pieces of root?

do I need professional help? 



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    If you've removed the main growth you have broken the back of the problem.  You will almost certainly find new growth appearing from runners next Spring.  When you do, the best way to get long term results is to trace the runner back toward the position of the original clumps and remove as much as you can.  From my experience the runners tend to be fairly close to the surface so, even under lawns, they can be traced and removed.

    I'm not pretending it's not a frustrating and time consuming job, but I have successfully removed virtually all trace of a rampant bamboo from my garden.

  • Really good to hear thanks for your response. :D 

    Yes from what I can tell the runners are close to the surface. Interestingly today I found they came out a lot easier, 24 hours after chopping back the plant. Perhaps that helped to weaken them I don’t know. 

    reassuring to hear you’re on top of the problem. I was beginning to tjonk it had got the better of me but feel better after today. Just have to remove the stumps somehow they feel like digging into cement 

  • They do indeed feel like digging into solid concrete, but if you nibble the edges with a sharp mattock you will get there eventually.

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    I used a fairly brutal but effective method to remove the main clump.  I dug all around it with a pick (mattock will do) and also used the pick to dig part way under.  Then I used an axe to reduce the clump into smaller sections.  The clump isn't so solid that it can resist a few hefty blows straight down.

    If you've left enough top growth you can use the stems as a lever once each section is undercut.  If you don't have any top growth just hook the pick underneath each section and lever it free.

    Removing the clumps will also make the runners more visible and then you can follow them out from the base.  If the ground is soft you may be able to pull the thicker runners upwards to get a better idea of the direction they are heading.  I used an old bread knife to cut through the turf where they were growing under the lawn.  You will need to fill the space vacated by the runners with topsoil if you don't want to leave dips all over the lawn.

  • I have a neighbour who hates gardening and to cover an old rockery has planted several bamboos, the ones that grow about just under a metre. the growth in his garden is now about 5mtr up his lawn and has come under the fence and is now happily beginning to make a home in my lawn. I am getting over a replacement knee so can't begin to tackle it yet. i have a border with his garden of about 30mtrs so I will have to do something pretty drastic. I have tried talking to him but he isn't interested. he has three other gardens around his property which could also become affected. i should like any help with procedures and ways of informing the other properties of the impending doom for their borders etc. I don't think he will be shamed into acknowledging his stupidity so what would be the best way of cutting him down to size? Brinman.
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    friarybrin38 it would be probably good to start a new thread.
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    It ought to be called damnboo!
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