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Pruning a young Japanese blossom tree

image I‘d like to prune this tree it’s a ornamental japanese blossom,  to make it smaller and rounder - any advice would be great as to where I prune etc - never pruned a tree before 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,627

    I would wait till after you've enjoyed all the blossom next spring and then prune the stems which are too long back to just above a leaf joint.   Make sure your secateurs are very clean and very sharp and, if the branch is long, remove half to two thirds of the length before making the final cut to help avoid splitting the bark and making an open wound.

    It is tempting to do it when the tree is bare so you can see the shape more easily but, in fact, prunus trees are prone to a disease called silver leaf if pruned in winter so wait and do it between May and July.

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