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Heater for Greenhouse

Looking for a Heater  for my Greenhouse for overwintering my summer bedding plants any recomendatio please .First time for me 


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 4,484

    Do you have electricity to the greenhouse or do you need some other form of heating?

  • If you do have an electric supply to your GH ( or at least could temporarily run one for the winter ) then there are plenty of heaters available.

    Any type of heating should be used alongside insulating the structure itself. Be aware that paraffin heaters produce a lot of humidity.

    Consider whether you wish to heat the whole GH or just part ?  If just for summer bedding plants, then definitely frost free but you can sometimes achieve that simply by protecting the plants with the use of fleece, newspaper, etc. in the coldest periods and, if necessary,  using a heater set to Frost free.  Much depends on your location/local climate.

    On the whole, it would be simpler and cheaper to sow/buy  your summer bedding in Spring.

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