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i have three cordilines which are in pots.

I have bubble wrapped the pots only.  Do I need to tie up the fronds and fleece.

i have moved the pots next to the house which is south facing.


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 2,949

    Hi Helen339

    Unless you're living in an extreme climate  Cordylines are generally hardy through a 'normal' winter , withstanding temperatures between -5 to maybe -8C for short periods .

    Maybe your plants would be happier planted out , as apart from restricting growth , your pots might freeze solid if the winter is severe . Then again , pots are moveable if the need should arise . I would only ever tie up their leaves if an exceptional amount of snow was in the forecast ; (hopefully not) image !

  • I've had mine outside here in Northern Ireland for a few years now and they've been fine. I don't tie up the leaves but do watch out the centre of them does'nt get full of ice or snow as they won't like it. I've been growing mine in pots as I was'nt sure exactly where to place them and because I've heard they can be invasive.

  • Thanks for your help. I've been worrying needlessly.

    I like to have them in pots as I move them round the garden (which is  a small town garden) during the year.

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