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Please Help Gardening Design Student

I am a final year Product Design and Innovation student from Scotland. I'm developing a product to help users grow their own plants and produce indoors. I have a key focus on bringing more nature into cities and am currently exploring different methods of doing this.
I am looking for some advice and statistics. I would appreciate it if you took a minute to fill out these 5 quick questions.

Thank you for your help!



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    I've done it too, but I'd have to say I'm not sure what useful information you're going to extrapolate from the answers.

    Does " indoors " mean actually in you home? eg on the kitchen window sill, or does it just mean under cover eg greenhouse, polytunnel etc?

  • Thank you for completing the survey, I really appreciate it.

    Yes, by indoor I did mean in a home, I could have specified more. Thank you for pointing this out.

    This project is a year long process and I am currently at the very early stages, meaning that all research I gain just now is pretty general and my product is very conceptual.

    I am aware of the volume of indoor growing methods on the market but need to understand how successful each is and what method is better preferred by the user. The best way of understanding this is by asking directly through simple questions.

    I am unsure what path I am taking my project just now but it is important for me to understand all areas of the current market and the user trends. This is only one stage of doing so.

    Your feedback is great and I really appreciate you taking the time to help.

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