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Overwintering Cauli seedlings

I sowed some cauliflower seeds in Sept/Oct as it said on the packet, and when they germinated (quite quickly) I pricked them out into 4 inch pots.  Now they are about six inches tall.  The instructions said to overwinter them in a cold frame, for which purpose I'm using an unheated greenhouse, but I see that some of them have a whole bunch of roots poking through the bottom of the pots.  I'm wondering whether to pot them up to bigger pots, or to take a chance and plant them out under fleecy cloches.  Any suggestions?

PS, we live on the south coast where the winters are not particularly harsh.

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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,858

    I presume they're 'summer' cauliflowers ... in which case I'd pot them on but keep them in the greenhouse until spring.  The mild autumn has got quite a few plants carrying on growing late into the season.  


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  • Thanks.  I'll maybe plant a couple out just as an experiment and pot the rest on. 

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