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Which lawnmower

I am by no means a professional gardener but I’ve just had a new lawn laid in my moderate sized garden (approx 25m x 15m).  I’m looking at purchasing a new rear roller mower and have been recommended the following makes/models…

Honda HRX 476QX @ £805

Honda HRD 536QX @ £1049

Hayter Harrier 56 BBC @ £1075

Atco 18s li @ £639 

The Atco has the benefit (?) of being battery powered. 

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.



  • KT53KT53 Posts: 4,500

    To be honest they all look very expensive.  I bought a Honda petrol mower 3 years ago for about £400.  I can't remember the model number and it's too dark to look at the moment :-)

    If you have any garden machinery specialists in your area it would be a good idea to visit them and have a proper look.  If you have a mower already and are looking to replace, I'd wait until Spring or half the warranty will be lost before you even start using it.

  • The 53 and 56 sized machines are unnecessarily large for your garden. Roller mowers are heavy and the smaller you can go the better. BUT, being heavy, you get a much nicer stripe that the electric thing above won't give you.

    My advice would be get a 16 or 18" mower. My last garden was 10x15m and the smaller machine would have been perfect (as it happens I AM a professional gardener so I only had a 21" one, which was unwieldy to use in that garden). 

    I do a regular lawn cut that's around 15x25m and it takes me 20 minutes with the 21" machine. A 16" machine would be around 30 minutes...hardly arduous.

    This thing has a Honda engine and would be a good call

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  • ryan1ryan1 Posts: 3

    Thank you for your responses.  

    I was advised to go for the larger Honda over the smaller one, purely because of the materials used. 

    I did therefore intend to go for the Hayter Harrier 48 BBC until I found loads of poor reviews on this model.  The only positive ones tend to be from owners of old models.  

  • Materials used are not a major consideration for a single domestic lawn. You'll be using it 20 times a year. It will last hundreds of uses. Different if you do 50 lawns a week. 

  • *I have just done the cut I mentioned above. It's exactly 15x25 and took 11 minutes on the 21" mower. A 16" you'd be talking 15 mins. 

  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 2,619

    Ryan1 you have had good advice above, as already intimated mowers with a rear roller are always much more expensive, do you really want stripes that much? The Mow direct website is well worth a look they have a lot of models as does Garden Machinery direct. As to materials yes a metal or aluminium deck will last longer than a plastic one but I agree with Glasgowdan as a domestic user it won't have that hard a time. Think about second hand or refurbished. I was a bit lucky but I bought my Hayter Harrier  back in 1997 2nd hand. It was cheap because as the dealer explained a lady  customer had bought it not realising it was a push model & traded it in for a self propelled one. Frankly if it was used at all I think she only hoovered the carpet as it looked (and was) immaculate. My garden is smaller than yours but I have used it on other lawns & on my allotment paths without issues.

    AB Still learning

  • ryan1ryan1 Posts: 3

    I have spent a number of hours researching mowers over the weekend.  I have yet to make my final decision but in summary, this is where I am.  

    It would appear that Hayter‘s reputation has dropped off a cliff in recent years. That was my preferred choice initially. It has variable speed and was metal bodied but it’s just not worth the risk.

    Honda HRX is plastic and single speed. The HRD is the better model but obviously more cumbersome and expensive. 

    I have yet to speak to a dealer but the Mountfield SP505RV and it’s bigger brother the SP555RV appear to have good reviews. The run a Honda engine, variable speed, metal bodied and a twin cutting system (possibly a gimmick). They are also slightly cheaper than the comparable models from other maunfacturers too. Unless I hear something off putting over the next couple of days, I think that’s where my money will be going! 

    Thanks everyone for your help.

  • The mountfield I posted a link to is £300 cheaper and 11kg lighter. You really don't need a big machine for that size of garden. 

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 4,500

    Trying to base a decision on the past reputation of a company is fraught with problems these days.  So many of the 'quality' names have been bought out by others who seem to have more interest in building to a price than in the quality of the end product.

    My own experience of Mountfield hasn't been good, although the ones I've had used Briggs and Stratton engines rather than Honda.

  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 2,619
    KT53 says:

    Trying to base a decision on the past reputation of a company is fraught with problems these days.  So many of the 'quality' names have been bought out by others who seem to have more interest in building to a price than in the quality of the end product.

    See original post

     Sadly you are so right, that said I volunteer at Capel Manor & they use Hayter & they are up to date models unlike mine, but as is often said past success is no guarantee of future performance.  Honda engines generally have a fine reputation except in the current F1 series but that is irrelevant to us.

    It may sound trivial but having a single lever height adjustment is so useful as to be essential in my book, I always set my machine to highest setting when moving travelling or putting away then set cut height when I start work.

    Ryan it seems you have done your research well,  one final consideration could be if two machines are more or less equal what are the nearest service facilities like? Having convenient service backup could be a clincher. Hope you are happy with your final choice.

    AB Still learning

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