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Sweet peas

Hi, I haven't sown sweet peas before. I have been given some seeds and read that the best time to plant them for next year is now. Should I put them in the greenhouse for the winter or leave them outside and if I put them in the greenhouse do I need to keep watering them or just leave the alone. Thank you in advance for any help.


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    I suggest you have a look at this thread, especially advice from Fairy Girl -

    I sow my sweet peas as individual seeds pushed down to my first index finger knuckle then watered well and left to drain.   You can buy special root trainers as they need depth for their roots but I just use saved toilet roll tubes bunged in a bigger plastic planting pot.   Sweet peas are quite hardy so, once they produce shoots they can stay outside in a sheltered spot or a cold frame but remember to ventilate on warmer days.   You need to pinch out the tips once they get to a few inches high.

    You can sow them now or wait till February.  Later sown plants will catch up with autumn sown plants once things warm up.  Keep the seeds and seedlings protected form rodents.  Meeces love them.

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