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worm casts and very wet lawn

Hi everyone I am sure this will have been discussed hundreds of times if it has I apologise. Both my front and my rear lawns and very very wet in winder my rear lawn doesn't see the sun in parts and is weedy and mossy etc, when we moved in it was decked then I removed and added topsil and turf.

my front lawn is the same very wet and has loads of worm casts all over it , I like to keep the lawn short and makes a mess cutting with the worm cats however I know meant to sweep it before but the grass is always wet so never dry cast unless get some sun.

there is  few questions I have firstly I removed 2 large conifers from front lawn a year or so ago and it has sunk were there were how do I level the lawn ?

secondly what tool can I use to aerate the lawn and hopefully make less damp and wet if walk on it at the minute just mud in parts even though not been on it?

lastly what can I do about casts ?

thank dean any help appreciated


  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,145

    For the depression where the conifers where you could cut a large X in the turf, peel it back, top-up with soil and re-lay the turf. This way you won't know it's been done. If the roots of the conifer are still in-situ it is probably them slowly rotting which is causing the hollowing effect. If that is he case you might find you have to repeat the process in the future.

    For drainage / aeration then you could use a fork or hire a mechanical aerator from a tool hire company. Size of the area will influence your decision. Also, with the fork method, as you are not removing any soil you will in effect be compacting the soil further, certainly in my eyes. It may be neglible and the creation of the holes will definitely help drainage and getting air into the soil.

    For the worm casts a stiff brush or I use a large lawn take with the flat plastic prongs so you don't scrape at the soil or grass itself. There used to be a chemical you could apply that would suppress worms (not kill them) but I believe that is no longer available.

  • Deano37Deano37 Posts: 14

    brilliant idea for the depression hopefully comes up ok and I will have to do a few and see if can pack underneath sounds good hopefully works.

    as for drainage my forl makes quite large holes and takes a while, I have done this in the past with no success I know you can get roller type ones but don't think would go deep enough

    and as for cast I may purchase a rake with plastic large ends to get rif of them

    thanks so much for the advice any other advice

    thanks dean

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