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What is it?



  • Thankyou borderline.. i dont have one thats usable yet.. the one here when we moved Needs to come down. 

    Iv got them in my garden room indoors.. nuce little warm room with light, ill repot them, give a little prune and see how they get on... this whole gardening malarky is like a science haha 

    hats off to you all ??✌?

  • EscapingTheRatRace says:
    imageThis is another of many im trying to identify.. it was green - now red/orange. 12+ feet tall

    Thanks ???

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    See original post

     Is this one a Sumac of some kind?

  • hi jenni.. iv had a nosey online and it looks like it.. iv read they are a pain, but its so pretty and im guessing its been on the grounds for years so its staying haha 

  • Yes they can be a pain! My parents had one in their garden and it sent up new trees between paving slabs! Very lovely autumn colour though image

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