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Using grass cuttings as mulch

I have a pile of grass cuttings which haven't yet had time to break down to form compost.  Could I simply spread them over the veg patch and allow nature and the worms to take their course in breaking them down and incorporating into the soil?

The veg patch isn't currently in use, and won't be before next Spring.


  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,434

    I don't cut my grass very often, so when I do, there's too much to go in the compost bin.  I spread it on the veg patch or along the foot of the hedge.  Works for me.

  • It depends what you want the mulch mainly to do. As protection against frost its not much good, though you could bulk it out with other vegetable material. if you just want it to rot down as fertilizer, it's fine. Good luck. Ian.

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 4,485

    Thanks for the replies.  Onto the veg patch it will go. image

  • RedwingRedwing Posts: 875

    I use grass cuttings as mulche on flower beds and around newly planted trees. It is very effective at keeping weeds from growing around the trees and keeps moisture in during dry spells. In the flower beds the worms work it in and improve the soil. The big downside of using grass cuttings as a mulch is it encourages slugs horribly.

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 4,485

    Mulch was probably the wrong term to use really.  I'm really looking at how to utilise it when I don't currently have a proper compost heap, and chucking in the garden waste bin seems such a waste.  I've spread the most recent cut on the veg plot and will see what happens.  As said previously, the veg plot won't be used before next Spring.

  • WateryWatery Posts: 388

    KT---If using weed n feed, then you shouldn't use it on your veg beds.  (I'm guessing.  I would think the broad leaf herbicide may build up in the clippings and then the soil but I don't really know.)

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  • Mike - I use the V trench method with grass as well as kitchen compost and it works well.  However, I'd never have thought of using it in the Cold Frame.  I can certainly see the point as it uses the same principle as making a Hot Bed in Tunnel or GH.

    My only problem is that my current Cold Frames are raised on legs and have a wooden slatted base so I'd have a problem with the grass decomposing over winter and gradually rotting the wood.

    Perhaps it's time to invest in ground based Cold frames image

    Thanks for the ideaimage 

  • Mike - I think my description "slatted wood" was a bit misleading.  The base is constructed of strips of wood joined together but with small drainage channels at the front. 

    I find they suit what I want to do on the whole.  In the summer, I use polythene and capillary matting ( just as you would on staging in a GH ).  In the winter, I remove that and use plastic mesh on the base - keeps the stuff from getting too wet at the bottom.

    I may well try the grass cuttings at some stage but obviously I would need to "package" them to prevent the frame bases from becoming sodden.

    Don't worry yourself about a PM  but thanks for your responseimage

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