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Carob Tree (Ceratonia siliqua) help :(

Good morning,

Thank you for your attention first of all. I planted a carob tree some months ago but now It has a big problem. As you can see in the pictures, something is really wrong. When I touch some of the damaged leaves they fall.

Some leaves were growing without problem, but now even the new one are suffering from this problem. I do not have so much hope but at least, maybe you could give me some advice for the future or I will learn.

Hope you can help me! Thanks in advance



  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,530

    It's a Mediterranean plant, where are you trying to grow it?  You're growing it in a pot, and from the photo it's hard to judge the size of either plant or pot.  Could you post a photo of the whole plant and pot from the side, then we might be able to tell you if the pot is the right size.

  • Hello Josusa47,

    Thank you very much and at the same time, sorry for the late reply. I was busy but also taking care of the plant. As you said, it is a Mediterranean plant and among other things, it needs just a little bit of water. It was on the way from the water that "flows" after using the hose. A friend told me that it may had too much water so I looked it carefully and in the bottom of the pot I could see that it was wet even from outside.

    When I took out the whole soil, it was more mud/clay than normal soil. Before been in the big pot where it was and it is now ( after drying and improving drainage, hopefully), it was in a smaller pot that was full with roots. Well, when I took out the soil from the pot, I could easily see that the roots from the plant didn't expand to the bigger pot, probably because it was too wet.

    What I learnt from this experience. Obviously, stay away from a water stream and overall is that the soil is the most important thing. (Taking in account that the weather in south of spain provides a lot of sun and so far you can water your plants in the garden, although who knows in a few years with such a drought  that we are having nowdays)

    PS: I am reading a book from Jeff Lowenfells, "Teaming with nutrients". I didn't finish it but so far, from a scientific point of view I really like it. Maybe later on it turns more practical. Do you recommend me any book? 

    Thanks in advance,


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