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I bought these three plants in summer however I was away for most of it and my flat mate said she'd look after them. On returning I found they were completely depleted and looking a bit sad. Does anyone know what these plants are called and what the best conditions and treatment for them are?imageimageimage


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,829

    First thing is to remove obvious dead leaves then soak each pot in a bucket of water till no further air bubbles appear and then leave it to drain.    Then it's a case of putting them in a well lit position, but not direct sun, and out of draughts and a wait and see if anything grows.

    Repeat the dunkings once a week for now but do make sure they have time to drain thoroughly afterwards as they won't want their roots to drown.

    If there is no new growth after a month or two, I would bin them and start again.  If new growth does show, try a gentle dose of feed for leafy house plants.  You can buy this in small stick from in good supermarkets and DIY stores.  Just push a couple into each pot.  If they do revive and grow, you can up the feed next spring but stick to the dunking method for watering as it's the best way to avoid over or under watering.   A light shower to remove dust from the leaves every few weeks also helps.

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    Hi holly, i think a couple of those are succulents, they look like they have not been watered? The one in the middle looks like it needs water too? You could try cutting off the dead bit, giving them some water, not too much and see if they recover. If they don't recover, maybe something is eating their roots? Hopefully others on here may have more advice ;) 

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