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I know that lilies are a subject covered in a lit of threads (whether to lift them or leave them in thier pot etc) but i think my question is slightly different. I have decided to leave my lilies in thier pot over winter but raise the pot to prevent saturation and replace the top few centimetres of soil, however i was thinking that this will leave the pots bare over winter, can anyone suggest something i can grow on the surface that will look nice over winter but not interfere too much with the lilies? (The pots are dark blue by the way). 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,119

    Winter pansies and violas, hardy cyclamen, primulas?  None of these is very deep rooted and will flower a long time if you keep dead-heading.  The cyclamen will also give excellent foliage interest.  Just make sure your pots are in a sunny position and don't get frozen solid or your lilies will turn to mush.

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  • LoanaLoana Posts: 427

    Haha Obelixx you beat me to it, I was going to say the same, like you say, short rooted ?

  • Thanks for answering, i will see what my local garden centre has in stock!

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