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Replace small Japanese maple

EmerionEmerion Posts: 458

We have a small, sad-looking dark red/purple Japanese maple that should never have been planted in this garden, which is exposed. I'm going to give up on it but haven't found anything to replace it yet. It is in a wide border, next to a yellow/green evergreen on one side and a big dogwood on the other. The dogwood has lime green/yellow leaves in summer and dark red stems in winter. The border faces north, but the shrub could be planted far enough out to get a good amount of direct sun for most of the year. Any ideas? 

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  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,061

    Kolkwitzia amabilis , the 'Beauty Bush' ?

    Vigorous and large enough to cope with your existing shrubs .

  • You could try the Maple in a large pot if you have a more sheltered spot it may do quite well, use a siol based compost.

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