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How many Alliums in containers

I have a row of 5 wooden planters each 170 L x 40 W x 45 D

with trellis behind which forms a boarder to my patio I would like to plant them with a selection of alliums with differing heights how many do you think I should plant in each planter ?


  • meant to say with a few other plants to increase flowering season similar colours any suggestions please

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,081

    I'd opt for two varieties at two different heights. Shorter ones tend to flower earlier anyway, so you would extend the season if you're going to have other planting (perennials?) The taller varieties tend to be early to late summer- the little sphaerocephalon ones are among the last  - around July/August.

    Just space them according to what else you're going to plant, but tall ones would be along the middle to back of the planters. You don't have an awful big depth of 'bed' to work with.  Shorter ones near the front to middle - again according to what the other planting is. No point putting them in unless you can see them! 

    It's difficult to be more exact, because it largely depends on two things - what else you're planting, and whether it's an informal 'drift' you want to achieve, or something more regimented and symmetrical. 

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    For spacing the smaller flowered ones, at least one bulb's width apart and 3 bulb's depth below the top of your compost.   Keep them a bulb's width in from the edge of your planter too.  

    If you plant the larger headed ones like Christophii or Schubertii or the round headed Purple Sensation types then you have to space them as far apart as the flower head width so they have space to open up properly and be seen.

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  • Thanks for that,  common sense should have told me minimum distance for large headed ones !!  I would like the overall effect to be formal.

  • LoanaLoana Posts: 427


    Hi Gerry, cristophii is quite amazing and even when it is over the flower head still looks lovely. Mount everest are white and tall for the back and there is a cute stumpy white ball type called Ivory Queen which would look nice at the front, especially if you put some purple sensation in the middle. It is a lot of effort but the rewards are worth it. Last year i planted a tulip called National Velvet in two cream tubs, the colour was amazing, so rich, see picture ?

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