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Help with Acer

CopperdogCopperdog Posts: 614

hello, I bought an Acer from Lidl, they don't give you any further detail on variety. Label just says Acer. I wondered if you can help identify please and also I wondered if the tips have an issue? They look a little deformed and slightly blackened. Should I trim these off now or wait until spring or just leave alone? Many thanks imageimageimageimage


  • MarygoldMarygold Posts: 331

    Acers leaves scorch very easily either from wind or sun (especially straight after rain). I suspect it was left in an exposed place at the shop or in transit. This late in the season, I would leave well alone. The leaves will drop very soon anyway. Make sure you keep it in a sheltered place so next year's new leaves don't go the same way.

    Sorry, but can't help with ID.

  • CopperdogCopperdog Posts: 614

    Thankyou both for your advice.  Think I have have planted it in a too exposed area.  It is next to a rodgersia which is almost back to ground level and I imagine the wind will just hammer it....I'll try and persevere for the moment as  hoped it would get quite tall eventually and offer some privacy.  Pretty sure my neighbour has the same plant and its around 3ft above the 6ft fence! 

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