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Every couple of days I am having to remove yellowing leaves from my auriculas which are quite densely planted in pots in free draining soil with a grit mulch.  They have been fed throughout the growing season and are showing signs of flower buds, but the yellowing leaves keep coming, sometimes at the base of the plant but also near the top of the plant.  Any advice greatly received.


  • Thank you Philippa.  Do  you think now would be a good time to divide them and maybe keep them in a cool greenhouse until the spring?  I absolutely love them, so am afraid of losing them to the winter wet.

  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,212

    Fairly normal occurrence. Just keep removing them. In the end you may end up with just stalks which is what I often reduce mine to in any case. It keeps the botrytis away.

    I moved mine into a cold greenhouse a few weeks back. Watered them with Vine weevil killer and I will leave them there, just on the damp side of dry until they begin to shoot in Spring.

    I also find that when removing the leaves pieces come off. These I use as cuttings. They root even in winter as long as they are not too wet and rot.

    Any plants which are dividable can be done if you want, but they may not grow away rapidly as the plants are really going into winder dormancy. Better waiting until Spring, but that is only my opinion.

  • Thank you again, Philippa and to you Berghill - I will leave the divisions until the spring and pop them into the greenhouse; it has been extremely wet in rural Northants over the past couple of months, so maybe they are just too wet.

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