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Hang metal garden gate on metal post

I want to fit this metal gate to this post but the brackets it came with are for brick or wood. They said it would fit metal...

So, and being completelynew to this - what brackets can I get to fit the gate to the metal post?

The metal post has no predrilled holes other than where the metail railings that attach to it, are inserted from the other side, and if I hang the gate at the top hole it's too high and indeed doesn't reach the bottom hole. 

I think I need some sort of bracket that clamps onto the post and then the gate drops into? 

Or I have a drill, I can drill holes into the post and fit a bracket to it. Just would need to know what attachment I would get and how to fit it...


Appreciate any help.




  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,472

    The best solution would be to find a local tradesman who can measure the gate then supply and fit the hinges to the post.  Trying to do it yourself is fraught with difficulty.  Gates are quite heavy and the pressure applied to them simply by somebody leaning on them would be likely to damage the hinge mounting if you try to fix it with screws.  Welded hinges would be far stronger.

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