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Red Sun

The unusual red-looking sun and orange sky reported across many parts of England on Monday this week could return today (Thursday) and Friday.

The phenomenon was initially seen in the west of England and Wales, before it spread to other areas in the north east late morning and into the afternoon on Monday.

Meteorologists have attributed the red sun and sky to Hurricane Ophelia, which whipped up air and dust from the Sahara desert.

Debris from forest fires in Portugal and Spain are also believed to have added to the effect.

A spokesperson at the Met Office has told the Independent there is still some “Saharan dust” around at the moment, which could result in the sun appearing red on Thursday (Today).

The effect will however not be as dramatic as earlier this week, they added, as the weather is changing.

I was out walking and bird watching on Monday when this happened and sadly I didn't have my camera with me.  It was a very eerie and quite spectacular with a dark menacing sky a large bright red sun and very very quite indeed. Quite spooky really. 

Did you see it and did you take any photographs? 


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