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I just read a comment from someone who said they had to use slug pellets in their garden.  PLEASE DON'T - the poisoned slugs get eaten by hedgehogs (which are already in huge decline) and they in turn are poisoned and die - a horrible agonising death.  

There are other methods of dealing with slugs which don't endanger the wildlife in our gardens.


  • Mark56Mark56 Windsor, BerkshirePosts: 1,653

    100% agree with you Pat. Wise words. 

  • I use slug pellets but have no hedgehogs, cats  or dogs.

  • Singing GardenerSinging Gardener EssexPosts: 1,214

    I've also occasionally looked for evidence that slug pellets are proven to be harmful to hedgehogs, frogs or birds and can't find any.

    I do avoid using slug pellets except where they're enclosed (e.g. greenhouse) nowadays though but nevertheless I have no frogs or hedgehogs in my garden. In years gone by in my previous gardens I used lots of slug pellets and had no shortage of frogs and hedgehogs. I suspect other factors are responsible for the decline.

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    I'm sure hogs are more likely to die from being hit by a car than from slug pellet residual poisoning.

    Can anyone produce  evidence that hedgehogs actually eat slugs which have died from slug pellet ingestion?

    I do occasionally use slug pellets and I have nightly visits from a number of hedgehogs.

    I do prefer the snip of a pair of scissors to slug pellets though.

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    I think the key is excess, it can impact on toads, frogs, birds & foxes too although the blue colouring allegedly displeases birds. I much prefer a garden of balance and natural predation, after a few years of organic gardening, I have noticed a big change. I do however, understand the frustration of loved plants being devoured in one Spring night. The issue comes from a large in take of Metaldehyde rather than a single poisoned slug being eaten, you only have to see the amount some people scatter in their garden. In some cases it's 1/4 a bottle of the stuff & there's no surprise issues a rise. A hedgehog can feed anywhere between 5-15% of it's overall diet on slugs, they are by no means the main food source. It makes me wonder if the increased intake is a result of less desired food being available, possibly due to habitat loss and development. However, there's no doubt that providing meat flavoured cat biscuits will help the issue - gardeners are the hogs last hope. 

    How many are visiting now Philippa? The night time lows are still in double figures here so mine are continuing stocking up for the big slumber. image

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  • We found a young hedgehog in our front garden that was clearly unwell, when my husband took it to a local wildlife sanctuary he was told it had been poisoned by slug pellets.  They said this is something they often see and the giveaway sign is a sickly sweet smell which pervades the animal and attracts flies which then proceed to lay eggs in its spines.  Sadly these animals rarely recover.

    I hasten to add we were not responsible for putting down slug pellets although we had been previously unaware of the potential outcome of doing so.

  • Hello Phillippa,

    The sanctuary was Pact Animal Sanctuary near Dereham, Norfolk.  


    Pat Staceyimage

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