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Mesh in rolawn turf

we had a new lawn laid a few years ago, rolawn turf.  I have removed some to create a bed and have found that the turf has a plastic mesh in it. It’s awful i was going to compost it but can’t no. It is so hard to cut into and I don’t really want a lawn full of plastic!!!!

has anyone else had this problem?



  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,961

    The Rolawn site states that the mesh biodegrades in 2 to 5 years.  How long has the lawn been down?

    They also claim it doesn't have any effect on trimming the lawn.  Neither seems to be the case in your experience.

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    Yes that’s the stuff, it’s horrible we have had it down for at least 2 years and no sign of it being biodegradable it feels like plastic so not sure how it can break down. I turned some turf over where I extended a border last year and have had to bin the turf as just netting left in the borders. An edging iron doesn’t cut through it neatly it tears the turf so no neat edges. I think they should make it clear when selling this we wouldn’t have used turf with plastic in it. I advise anyone getting a lawn laid to check. 

  • I have emailed Rolawn but as of yet no reply.

  • Hello All,

    The first thing to do is to ensure it is in fact Oxygrid degradable netting, by checking it is Rolawn Medallion turf you have purchased either by buying directly from Rolawn, or from a verified stockist.

    The link pansyface has provided will hopefully give you most of the information you require, including the reasons why we use Oxygrid as well as the multitude of environmental benefits that come from using it.

    In addition to this, I can inform you that the degradation process has been independently tested by exposing the mesh to light, heat, and moisture, in a calibrated QUV weather-o-meter, following generally accepted protocols.

    Of course, the speed at which the netting degrades once the turf has been installed in your garden will be dependant on the lawns exposure to sunlight, heat and moisture, and this will naturally vary from one garden to another.

    The ease with which you can cut through it will also vary, depending on what you are using.  Kitchen scissors or even a bread knife should cut through it very easily, as will garden or lawn edging shears, or secateurs.  A spade or half-moon edging tool may not cut through as easily, as they don't tend to be as sharp.

    Please get in touch if you have any more questions.

  • I've seen this mesh in one of my clients gardens. It's horrible stuff may or may not be rolawn. But why is it there in any case? Most lawn suppliers don't use it so why do non eco friendly companies like rolawn need to use it?
  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,961
    I've seen this mesh in one of my clients gardens. It's horrible stuff may or may not be rolawn. But why is it there in any case? Most lawn suppliers don't use it so why do non eco friendly companies like rolawn need to use it?
    My guess is that it's used to enable them to cut the turf thinner, thereby getting more layers of turf without having to replenish the topsoil.  I was shocked to discover it in our lawn which was laid at least 5 years ago.  It was laid by a landscaping company so I don't know if it was rolawn or not.  What I do know it that it's nowhere near breaking down!.
  • I want to hollow line and scarify my lawn, with no sign of mesh degrading I don’t know if this will be possible 😡😡😡
    it has been down 4 years and mesh clearly evident, it is awful stuff. Ours is definitely rolawn turf as they supplied and laid it.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,468
    It's been a few years since we had Rowlawn Medallion turf laid. It was lovely stuff, so l am very disappointed to learn that they are now using that mesh stuff.
    My dad bought some stuff from B&Q that was more plastic mesh than turf, l would have expected better from Rowlawn tbh.
  • Rowlawn medallion turf and plastic mesh........
    with all the concern re micro plastics, even if the mesh does degrade in years and years will still be polluting the environment. 

  • LG_LG_ Posts: 4,346
    I have this too, and I'm really hacked off about it as I would not have chosen that product had I known. It was not evident AT ALL from the details I read when I chose it, and as I had no idea there was such a method I didn't seek it out. When I came across some mesh and wondered what was going on, I went back and searched for it - the information is there on their site but only if you know to look specifically for it. Very poor, and I would consequently warn people away from not just that product but the company as a whole. It makes lawn maintenance as a whole (scarifying etc) almost impossible, and from a micro.plastics point of view it's horrifying. 
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