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I have dug some trenches and after digging down about 1 and half foot down there is still clay is there any thing I can add before I put in my gravel and drainage pipe .


  • Hi

    could you be a bit clearer on what project are you carrying out ? 

  • I have been having trouble with drainage on my lawn so I have dug out trenches to drain into a soak away , I have dug about 1 and half foot deep of 3 trenches leading to 3 foot soak away but still at bottom is clay , I will be putting in drainage pipes with gravel and weed fabric to stop gravel clogging up . Not to sure what to do with the clay at bottom of soak away and bottom of trenches .

  • Hi 

    i would say if you are laying pea gravel to the underside of the pipe work then you are effectively creating a drainage barrier between the pipe work and clay. Imo, if you can break up the clay and incorporate the gravel then that should do the job of improving the drainage to the sub clay soil

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