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I have a few geraniums which I would like to make sure survive  into next year.

can anyone tell me what I should do with them now.  should I cut them back and put them inside in a warm and light spot or can they be left outside?



  • That's a nice pelargonium! They arent't frost hardy, so won't survive outside, unless you live somewhere very mild.

    If you don't have a greenhouse you could bring them into the house and and put them on a sunny window sill,where they may well carry on flowering.

    Or put them in a cool place, spare room or shed, where they won't get frozen, and keep them just ticking over, very little water , just enough to prevent complete dessication. Then in spring wake them up, repot if need be, take some cuttings, keep them warm, light and fed and away they'll go!

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  • Thank you Buttercupdays

    would you suggest trimming them down a bit or simply live it in tact as it is and just bringing it in doors.

  • You can cut it back a bit if you are short of space, and use the tips for cuttings for insurance. It will be fine if you prefer to leave it though, I have a couple in my back porch (a sort of lean-to affair on the end of the dining room) all year round, and they flower on and off through winter too.

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