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Portugal Laural Dropping Leaves


As a relatively new gardener, I am looking for some help with my Portugal Laurel. 

Its a decent shape and size in a large 70l tub but over the last few weeks it has been shedding leaves at quite a rate. 

The leaves see healthy, no yellowing or signs of any other disease. Also the plant itself seems healthy and there are signs of new growth. 

Its twin has dropped some leaves but not to the same extent.

Is this just part of its natural cycle or is it a sign of something else? 




  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    They do drop leaves but if they are dropping off more and looking more sparse compared to earlier months, it may be a watering issue. Make sure they are watered in dry spells. In tubs, it is very difficult for rain water to get into the pots. They also need some light pruning to help them send out more branches meaning more leaves.

  • puptonpupton Posts: 2

    Its in a quite exposed position but under the roof overhang so v possible not enough water and what it is getting is evaporated away by the wind. 

    I will make sure it gets water n maybe a prune. 

    Thankyou for your reply ?

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