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Hi All,

New to the site / forum, 

I was hoping to get some advice about a newly laid turf.

I don’t want to start loads of threads so will need you to bare with me! 

1: Turf in my front garden was laid 6 weeks ago - can I now apply an ‘EverGreen Autumn Feed’? I have noticed a big patch of the lawn beginning to turn yellow. (Can upload some pictures a little later). I have been watering etc so not sure why it’s turning yellow. 

2: Worm Casts - How can I stop / Get rid of the casts? what is the best way to remove the piles so they are not flattening my turf making noticeable dents? 

3: Mushrooms - I have noticed every morning there are loads of mushrooms on my turf. They are gone by lunch time, but not sure if this is a problem? 



  • Papi JoPapi Jo Posts: 3,868

    Hi Indy121 and welcome to our forum.

    Not sure I would go bare with you since we are not on intimate terms, image but I will certainly bear with you and try to answer your gardening questions. See

    You are talking about a very young lawn. It's hard to say why some parts are turning yellow as you do not say anything about what was there before you created the lawn (and yes, a photo might help).

    I would advise against applying anything to it at the moment. Just be patient and let it establish itself before the winter.

    Worm casts are a seasonal problem, we all get them (in varying quantities). On an established lawn I just bear with them image or lightly rake. They will disappear in the Spring. On your young lawn, do not do anything.

    Ditto with mushrooms. They won't harm your lawn.

    Maybe you established your lawn a little too late in the season?

    You are invited to a virtual visit of my garden (in English or in French).
  • Thanks for the response Papi Jo - I’ve annoyed myself by allowing that mistake to go through! 

    The front garden had grass, but was in poor condition as during building works - rubble and a skip were placed on top. The grass and soil was then dug up, flattened and a little top soil added. The turf was then laid down, I was watering everyday and then cut down to every other day / every week  

    I will leave the casts for the time and just rake and scatter when they appear next year?



  • Hi

    Yellowing in lawns is normally due to lack of natural light. Was the new turf stacked for too long a period before being laid. Also, it the new lawn been laid in shade and not receiving sufficient light . Most grasses require at least a part shade aspect to grow well although you can buy grass seed and lawn that will cope better in that aspect.

    Worm casts show that worms are active in your lawn and are a natural occurrence I would use a plastic or alloy leave rake to gently remove 

    Do not feed your new lawn until Spring  

  • Hi Steve 

    The turf was delivered and laid on the same day. Was nice and green for the past month, only the last two weeks it has begun to yellow. Started as a little patch but is gradually spreading. In plenty of light and as I said, has been getting water! 

    Could it be thatch? Some areas are yellow at the root but the top is nice and green, or am I not cutting short enough? Currently mowed it twice on the highest setting. (Have been spending hours on Google trying to become an expert!!) 

    Will stick with the advice on not feeding - is there a specific reason this is the advice? 

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  • Hi Indy

    If it is a build up of thatch, then it will need scarifying using a metal lawn rack and areating using a garden fork to create holes for improved drainage and air flow to the root system. But in a new lawn I would be surprised that this would be required. If the new lawn was of good quality without moss or weeds and the ground work was effectively carried out preparing the soil prior to laying the lawn - removing or large stones and racking and treading down the lawn to create what is called a fine tilhe. Personally, I would do the thatch removal in spring if it is the problem and your new lawn needs time build up it root system

    Feeding a new lawn at this time of year will make it grow and create new swords of grass that well be effected by possible ground frost. If you fertilised the ground work prior to the new lawn been laid with Growmore then that would be sufficient for this time of year to establish the lawn.

    Grass, like any plant, will become dormant when the temperature drops and a feed on a new lawn would be not beneficial due to this

  • Not sure if it is thatch - was just wondering if that would be the reason for the grass turning yellow. Especially as it’s spreading, just wondering what I could do to reverse it. 

    Annoyingly I don’t know the exact quality of the soil under before the Turf was laid. Big stones were definitely removed, a bit of top soil chucked on and spread. Don’t think there was much more than that. 

  • Hi Indy 

    You only need about 2' of well racked top soil for a new lawn. I would ensure that all the lawn ends sections are knitted together (butted up so no gaps between turf ends as this will cause shrinkage Keep on watering in dry spells but I would leave the mowing unless there is an upsurge in growth and only a high cut, Grass is very hardy and always seem to bounce back in the spring. The best treatment then would be a general aeration to release compaction and to get air, water and light to the grass roots. Then apply a good spring feed. 

  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,142

    Looks like red thread to me. Presents itself in mild and damp conditions (same for the fungi). 

    Welcome to the forum and I wouldn't worry about the odd typo or grammar mishap. This isn't an English literature or language forum after all.

  • If it is red thread, then a high nitrogen feed should cure the problem. Use sulphate of ammonia but again in spring. Rakng  it out and aeriating the lawn will help the condition as well 

  • Thanks Dave. My first response was going to be similar to yours re: Grammar police. 

    I haven’t spotted any red in the patches that have appeared... although the turf has been damp with a lot of fungi in the mornings now appearing... my main worry is getting it back green! 

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