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Frost Protectiom

What should I buy now to cover and  protect small plants from the frost and snow? I presume plastic bags can be damage by winds.


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    What kind of small plants Gordon, and are they in pots or in the ground?

    Fleece is ideal for protection, and you can stick up a basic structure of canes to attach it to depending on the plants. Alternatively, you can buy individual cloches, but those can be expensive if you have lots to cover.

    A greenhouse is necessary if you have lots of little plants needing protection for growing on, or a cold frame if you don't have too many. image

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    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • Thanks I have a number of what I believe are Alpine Succulents in pots in the conservatory that do not seem to last after a frost and snow if I plant them in the garden. Also I had to trim some of the roses down to few inches that are now sprouting ok after being damaged due to heavy frost last winter

  • Whereabouts are you?

    Some of us have to cope with fairly cold winters (and Johnny in Canada very cold ones!), but most of us manage to grow roses which can withstand normal UK weather if properly cared for.

    Roses are generally pruned  back  in spring anyway, so any damage to top growth does not matter, providing the roots are ok, but if you live somewhere with very severe winters, some varieties may survive better than others.

    Most succulents, apart from sedums and sempervivums, are not hardy , but often it is because of the wet rather than the cold. If you know what you have got, someone may be able to give you more targeted advice.

  • I spent many years after leaving a boarding school in Catford in SE London with my Mum. Until a tree next door grew too large to blot put much of the sun on my garden. I grew a number of Veg even Marrows just watching then grow big, though not too keen on eating them. I had two bush apple trees and a Conference self pollinating Pear bush. I emigrated here to Hastings after Mum died in 1989. You can see the school at and our club site at I am not a Mason myself.      

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