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What should I do as I pruned back my strawberries back in September I now have strawberries growing and turning red with lots more plants in flower do I leave them or prune them back again?image


  • I'm still enjoying my strawberries.  I had some late strawbs last year too and it didn't do the plants any harm.

    Enjoy...What's the variety just out of interest. Mine are Malling Opal, they started mid / late june and I'm still enjoying them.

  • I have no idea what variety they are as they were already in the garden when we moved here. Do I prune them back in the spring or just leave them a lone?  It's the first time that we have had a second crop and we have been here 10yrs.  Thank you we are enjoying them.

  • I tidy mine up late November and again in the spring when growth starts again.

    Tidy up meaning I simply remove all dead and decaying material.

    When was the last time you took new plants from runners in the summer and potted them on and them planted them out in the autumn into a different area of the garden?

  • We take runners every year and replace a row each year if any over we give them away, so we have 4 rows with 20 plants to a row. Thank for your advice much appreciated.image

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