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Foxglove seedlings

Nick74Nick74 Posts: 44

I‘ve sown some foxglove seeds on a windowsill (planted a little late!) and now have two problems.

Firstly, the final planting spot isn’t ready for  yet - waiting for some spring bulbs to arrive before I plant them. 

Secondly, will they survive the winter being so small? They’re going into a north east facing bed, against the house. I don’t have the luxury of a coldframe or greenhouse to over winter then. 

Any suggestions?



  • I suggest transferring them into individual small pots then hardening them off by placing outside during the day and bringing back in at night for a week.  Then leave them outside until the final planting position is ready.  Foxgloves are tough and completely hardy but best to reduce the shock of going straight outside by using the hardening off process.

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  • Bob & Nick74,  sorry to hijack the thread:

    I have small plants that I have pricked out and grown on to about 4 inches high.  All healthy.  Should I leave these outside until spring or put in my unheated greenhouse.  

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